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Thangkas: Tibetan Buddhist Scroll paintings
Thangka drawing and painting classes all over the world, commissions for Thangkas

On this website you can view Carmen Mensink's Thangka Paintings, the and the Thangka Drawing & Painting Courses
that she gives in many different countries - most of them are also suitable for people with no drawing or painting skills whatsoever.

You can also commission Carmen to paint a thangka of your choice, or to let her gild & paint your Buddha statues,
according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

In the Thangka Webshop you will find beautiful presents for yourself and others, such as Buddha Posters and Thangka Art Prints, Thangka Cards and Buddha Necklaces.

"From word one Carmen brings her skills as an artist to the heart of her teaching.
I felt her generosity and compassion with me, a very beginner art student.

Her instructions are clear and concise. She brings details and elements of the thangka process to the paper and pencil I am using. I know the tools to use to draw the Buddha at home. I know the beauty and sacredness of the symbols I see. Carmen led me to a vision and an experience of the Buddhas heart through meditation with mantra.

I am taking home with me an image I created on paper and an experience of the sacred. Carmen is an inspiration to me and I will seek opportunities to study with her again.
What a joy to share this experience with a fantastic group of classmates!"

Diane N., Pennsylvania, USA
Participant at the Retreat Week at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

"Where to begin? It was an incredible week.
I came not knowing what to expect, but found a very warm and encouraging teacher leading us gently into creating magnificent art.

Carmen proves that this is a living tradition and gives participants an
opportunity to experience our Buddha nature in a profound way.
Her teachings are a blessing."

Edward Ficklin, New York, USA
Participant at the Retreat Week at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

"Carmen's teaching manner was wonderful.
Very organized without rigidity.

Her explanations regarding Buddhism were complete and enlightening.
So well done, a true teacher.
The morning meditations were pure + simple.
I thoroughly enjoyed this class."

Shelley Tran, New York, USA
Participant at the Retreat Week at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

"As a professional artist, art facilitator (i.e. teacher), and centered being with over forty years of experience in the art world, and without reservation, I recommend Carmen Mensink's Tibetan Thangka Drawing and Painting experience.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a first time art student in our class at Omega, Carmen's instruction brought all students success on the first day with the drawing of the Buddha head. This success nurtured confidence to continue into the more complex drawing of the full Buddha.

The drawing instruction, together with Tibetan Buddhist culture, art history and meditation, creates a lasting impression on the student. I wish her continued success, so that the inner peace through this empowering art, which she shares with her students, is spread far and wide."

Mary E. L. Shepherd, Massachusetts, USA
Participant at the Retreat Week at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY