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White Tara thangkaWhite Tara thangka
White Tara thangka
Thangka Paintings

White Tara

The Buddha of Long Life

The female Buddha White Tara (Tib. Drolkar) is one of the main longevity deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Her practice can be done to prolong your life and to overcome life-threatening obstacles such as illnesses.
A beautiful ritual is to offer a White Tara image to a newly born baby to wish that he or she may have a long life ahead.
It is said that White Tara's seven eyes enable her to clearly 'see' all beings in the realms of existence.

This White Tara is painted within 24 hours during a special 'Long Life Practice' in the summer of 2009.
I started at 9 in the morning and finished exactly at
8 the next morning. It's an amazing practice to keep
your concentration high all the time, because
the face is painted in on the very last moment.

Paint White Tara in the 2013 Thangka Summer Retreat in Italy!

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Witte Tara, De Boeddha van Lang Leven
Deze Witte Tara thangka is geschilderd binnen 24 uur tijdens een speciale 'Lang Leven Beoefening' in de zomer van 2009. Ik ben er om 9 uur s'morgens mee begonnen en ze was exact om 8 uur de volgende ochtend klaar. Het is ook een enorme beoefening om
de gehele tijd je concentratie te behouden, en juist het gezicht wordt er als laatste in geschilderd.

tara thangka, one of the 21 taras who protects against poisons and nagas mandala of the 5 elements